About CIM

CourseLeaf CIM (Curriculum Inventory Management) is the new online curriculum management system used for all curriculum related matters at Penn State. A software product from Leepfrog Technologies, CourseLeaf CIM interfaces with both LionPATH and the University Bulletins. It contains an automated workflow approval process for reviewing and approving proposals and is used for the following curriculum actions:

  • Creating a new course
  • Modifying an existing course
  • Dropping a course
  • Creating a new program
  • Modifying an existing program
  • Dropping a program
  • Submitting a prospectus

When a proposal is submitted, the appropriate workflow approval process will be activated. Approvers within the workflow will be notified via email of proposals awaiting their review and response, while proposers will be able to track the progress of their proposal as it moves through the approval process. Once a proposal has successfully completed the workflow process and is approved, course and program data from that proposal will automatically sync with LionPATH and the University Bulletins at the appropriate time.

Benefits of CourseLeaf CIM

  • Centralized curriculum management source
  • Integration and data syncing with LionPATH and University Bulletins
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry between the curriculum management system and University Bulletins
  • Identifies all courses and programs impacted by a proposed course/program change
  • Automated workflow to ensure proper approval of course and program changes
  • Red/Green markup to track edits to proposal form
  • Retains proposal history and archive

Who has Access to CourseLeaf CIM?

All Penn State faculty and staff have access to the CourseLeaf CIM system. If a faculty/staff member is unable to log in to the system, please contact curriculumhelp@psu.edu to request access.