How to View Proposal Status

To find out the status of a proposal, log in to the appropriate CourseLeaf CIM dashboard:

The proposal status listed in the Status column of the results table indicates the state of a proposal.

Screenshot of the CourseLeaf CIM Course Management dashboard proposal status column in the results table.


The following statuses may appear:

  • Added: This status indicates that a New Course Proposal has been initiated for this course. Search for added courses to find course proposals that were saved but not submitted.
  • Edited: This status indicates that a course that previously existed in LionPATH has been edited.
  • Dropped: This status indicates that a course has been proposed to be made inactive or is currently inactive in LionPATH.
  • Blank: This indicates that the course exists in LionPATH, but it is not in any CIM proposal process at this time. It is at rest.